Today computers and the Internet aren’t just used in every business and organization, they are also intertwined with our lives. With almost everyone having social media profiles and spending time on the Internet, it has opened up new ways hackers through which hackers can gain access to the system of any organization small or large. The data generated by your employees as they surf the web and use digital devices like computers and smartphones is made use of by hackers to launch cyber attacks.

You might be under the delusion that your trusted antivirus software is all the protection you need against cyber attacks of all sorts but that is where you’re wrong and your ignorance could cost you your whole business as well. Here are five reasons every business needs to invest in a cybersecurity plan.

No One is Safe

If you’re a small to medium-sized business and assuming that your data and business are of no value to cybercriminals and thus you run no risk of cyber attacks then you are in the wrong. Since larger businesses and organizations have adequate cybersecurity strategies in place, cybercriminals today have turned their attention to small to medium-sized businesses as they are unprotected and often don’t consider investing in a cybersecurity plan as necessary.

Advanced Cybercrime

Even the best security systems can be rendered useless by the carelessness of even a single employee or user. Cybercriminals today are much smarter and realize that an untrained user or employee is the weakest link in an organization’s security. Using advanced phishing techniques and social engineering can easily enable a skilled hacker to obtain passwords and login information for your systems. Cybersecurity plans today not only cover the deployment of security systems but involve the training of your employees as well so that they can gain cybersecurity awareness and greatly enhance the security of your organization.

Increase in Mobile Usage

Corporate mobile technology is a great addition to the market and the features and benefits they provide have resulted in an outstandingly high rate of adoption for them. However, being new to the market makes these technologies unprotected. Also, the small size of mobile devices makes them susceptible to theft and getting lost. This is what makes them another vulnerability and a weak link in the cybersecurity of your organization. Mobile malware that can embed itself via Wi-Fis should also be kept in mind here. Lastly, the 24/7 access to company access through a mobile device can also result in a dangerous breach of privacy.

Not Having a Cybersecurity Plan Comes at a High-Cost Today

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, or the size of your business, what products you sell, or which services you provide. The cost of data breaches is extremely high and much more than you’d expect. Organizations that don’t have a cybersecurity department are most likely to invest in cyber insurance to create a safety net for them in case of data breaches, but that doesn’t always work either. Investing in a cybersecurity plan does not only save you millions, it also saves the company name and protects your brand from public embarrassment that can tarnish its reputation permanently.

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