Today, the world has turned into a global village and all the credits go to the internet. Many businesses are linked with each other today which has shortened the cultural gaps and has changed the paradigms of how businesses interact with each other. This portrays that effective and efficient internet is the need of every business if they want to be on the radar. In the case of Australia, businesses can thrive easily with the broadband connections. In every business, communication plays an integral role and if we pay attention, businesses are nothing without effective communication i.e. sharing the payrolls, emailing the work, operating the sale systems, and much more. According to the result of various surveys, we were able to find out how businesses are dependent on the fast and effectively operating internet services. Have a look!

• 89% of businesses call the internet a crucial part of their business
• 40% of businesses have been suffering only because of inefficient internet service
• 55% of businesses were affected due to the internet outage
• On average, businesses are sending almost $218 on a monthly basis

When it comes to Australia, Business NBN Internet and Business Fibre Internet have been the talk of the town for years now. In the case of NBN Internet, it has been a part of talk shows and the topic of discussion in every other newspaper but what is it all about? There is no argument over the fact that you need to have the information regarding Business NBN Internet as well as Business Fiber Internet in order for you to make an informed decision about choosing either one for your business. Taking this into consideration, we have taken the liberty of highlighting what you must know about both of the providers and lend you a helping hand in finalizing your decision and making sure that it’s the right one for your business in the long run.

Business Internet

NBN Internet is a combination of technologies aimed at providing efficient internet speed and fast-speed data transfer to the residents of Australia. NBN is a network that is going to replace the copper network of the country with a revolutionary fibre-based technology aimed at providing improved internet speed, data delivery, and better voice quality. The topic started in 2007 and by the start of 2020, the network will be laid out all over Australia. All the businesses concerned will have to migrate with it in order to keep working efficiently. It will help businesses reach a good position in the global business world.

Some of the advantages are given below;

• Saves Time – As the work speed and loading speed will be improved, the business will save a lot of time. No matter if the downloading files are heavy or if the website is too large to load in seconds, NBN Internet will do it all
• Videos – Conferences are an essential part of the business and with NBN Internet, there will be no buffering and the image quality will be improved a lot
• Access Large Data – With NBN, users can easily download and play HD videos and can even communicate them with potential customers
• Typical Business NBN Speeds are between 12mbps – 100mbps (typical business hour speeds of up an average 91.9mbps)
Although the NBN is a significant advancement to ADSL, the network is still based on a shared connection and speeds can vary depending on the amount of users in your area that are connected and using the internet at that time of day.

Business Fiber Internet

Fiber internet allows the users to gain advantage from lightening internet speed which enhances the usage stability even if the user base is quite large. With this internet, every business can handles higher traffic volumes and still, the downloading speed will not be affected. Dedicated fibre is much more reliable as fibre cables are much stronger than copper and are more resistant to electrical or human interference.

Unlike the NBN where the network is based on a shared connection and speeds can vary depending on the amount of users in your area that are connected and using the internet at that time of day, business fibre is a dedicated connection for your business. A good analogy we like to use is a freeway. The NBN is the freeway. Its fast and effective on some days and its slow and unreliable in peak hour. Business fibre is your own express lane into the city. No cars are sharing your lane and the speed limit is 4x what’s allowed to the other lanes. Sounds like a great way to travel if you ask me.

The key benefits of fibre internet include;

• Improved loading time for the websites
• Highly secure services
• Improved speed of file transfers
• No video buffering
• Symetrical Speeds
• Better voice quality for VoIP users
• Dedicated connection
• Speeds from 10mbps – 1000mbps (that’s 10x from NBN)

Final Note

Now that you have been introduced briefly to the prominent aspects of Business NBN internet as well as the Business Fiber Internet, you are in a much better place to make the decision of choosing a suitable one for your business; the one that will stay lighter on your wallet while provide all of the services which are required for your individual business. As evident, both services have their own pros and cons. All you have to do is compare them with the requirements of your business and choose the one that caters to it better.
As a rule of thumb, if you have more than 5 staff that rely on an internet connection to get work done, a dedicated fibre service would be the best starting point.

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