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To satisfy domestic needs and wants, and remain at the forefront of the competitive domestic market, businesses rely on imported goods and services. Beyond aiding continuous business growth and expansion internationally, importing and exporting goods keeps the economy healthy.

While purchasing products and services from other countries facilitates business growth, it comes with its own share of difficulties. One such hurdle that importers have to counter is freeing up cash flow while waiting for products to arrive before gaining ownership. Since it can take at least a month before invoices are processed, to speed up access to wider markets and increase trade, businesses resort to import finance.
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The import industry in Australia has been growing steadily for years. Expanding your business without taking investments or risking the loss of business shares may be challenging especially since traditional financing without bonds and contracts are hard to come by.

Import finance is a solution to improve cash flow and allow for transparent transactions between importers and exporters. How this works is that importers compare between finance partners before deciding on the right import financing method that will instil security around transactions and eliminate risks inherently involved in international trade.

One such import financing method is invoice factoring. An invoice factoring partner is a third party to whom you sell invoices at a discounted rate. Your factor backs you up financially, raising funds for imports so that your business can receive funds before the customer pays.

As with other methods, cash flow problems are kept at bay so that your business runs smoothly, allowing it to generate more profit.


There are many financiers in Australia you can compare your options with. If you want to explore import finance, Comparison Advantage is here to help. We make sure you get the appropriate financial solutions from trusted partners. Our team will introduce the most reasonable funders based on your needs and help you select the right financier for your import business.

Please read our terms and conditions prior to your selection of any import financing plans.

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