We see and hear a lot of confusion about the NBN, and in particular when it comes to people asking us about purchasing an NBN Ready Phone System. Because the NBN is a new technology, its not so simple to understand and the provider being NBN Co. don’t make it any easier

As we’ve learnt most customers are currently unaware, Telstra will be switching off all PSTN and ISDN (Home and business telephone lines) in the coming months which could take as long at 12-18 months from now which I’m sure seems like a long time, though this time frame is shortened based on when you received NBN internet access to your area.
How does the NBN work?
There are several different types of NBN connections, but to simplify it all, you will now use a VoIP or SIP service to run your phone system. Traditionally,  your phone service and a data/internet service were delivered separate to your office. Now, NBN data service is actually used to carry your phone service as well as your business internet in a single line.

What is an NBN Ready Phone System?
Most people refer NBN Ready Phone Systems as a Hosted Phone System, however, you still have a choice between these and Traditional PABX Phone Systems, which is why there is so much confusion out there.

PABX (Traditional Phone System)
A Traditional Phone Systems consist of a physical box that lives in your office, before Hosted Solutions arrived on the scene, this was the way we did business. PABX systems used PSTN, ISDN and in more recent times, SIP trunks to make and receive calls.

PABX systems are still a great option if you’re looking for an NBN Ready Phone System. Not being hosted in the cloud, doesn’t mean a PABX system can’t take advantage of the high speed data and VoIP services coming from the NBN. There is a catch however,  your PABX needs to be IP compatible, which means it can send and receive digital data.

If it isn’t IP enabled, in most cases it can be made to work with the NBN, but it will depend on the type and age of your phone system.

As a general rule, if your phone system is older than 5 years, it’s not likely to be compatible

Financial Benefits of an NBN ready Phone System?
The cost of purchasing and installing a hosted solution is relatively similar to a Traditional PABX, however, the ongoing costs are significantly lower – especially if you choose your provider wisely.

Once you start using the NBN to make calls, SIP phone line rental and call rates are dramatically lower than traditional lines. In some cases, you can see costs up to three times lower. Choosing the right supplier is important, if  you choose a provider that doesn’t charge you for features you don’t use, or to update your programming, you’ll save even more compared. Why, a PABX system, will often require a technician to change the settings in your PABX and this comes at a cost.

Going To Market
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